Alternative Spa Therapies: A novel way with assured benefits

We currently live in a very fast-paced society with a frantic pace of life. Reconciling our personal and professional life can often become a difficult task to balance: work, studying at the same time, household chores, caring for our children, caring for our friends, and so on.

We are overwhelmed and in many occasions we forget to take care of our own health and well-being, not only physical, but also mental.

Therefore, more and more hotels add Wellness Centers to their facilities, not so much to generate more income but to take care of the health and well-being of their customers.

Alternative therapies today, dominate around the world
What we know today as alternative therapies are becoming more and more prevalent all over the world. These therapies aim to achieve what we have developed in our initial idea: to achieve lower levels of tension and stress, give us peace and tranquility of mind, in short, care for physical and psychological health.

Increasingly, the spas of all the hotels in the world are incorporating these techniques that are less striking, and behind them there is a large number of people interested in knowing their effects, so we must pay special attention to incorporate them into our service offer.

10 alternative treatments to renew your Spa services

Many times we do not pay attention to the importance of having a good quality of life, and a good alternative is to have from time to time a moment of relaxation, either with the help of music, aromatherapy, medicinal plants, massages with essential oils, baths in hot springs at different temperatures, etc.. It is clear that everyone has their favourite method of relaxation, but all these treatments have a common goal: to improve our physical and mental stability.

But in addition, this type of alternative treatments serve as alternative medicine, complementary therapies or as “supplements” to conventional medicine for certain problems and illnesses. They can help us to improve our health in a more natural way through, for example, liberation techniques, acupuncture….

We are going to explain some of the most innovative techniques and that are increasingly successful in this sector, so that if you have not yet incorporated them into your hotel establishment, begin to consider the possibility of doing so:


This technique of Japanese origin bases its benefits on achieving the correct channeling of vital energy by means of pressure in certain key points located in our body. What this technique aims to improve the circulation of energy through the body, and with it, accompany an improvement in our health.


It is a technique of channeling and transmission of vital energy through the imposition of hands. The aim is to obtain a state of mind of peace and balance at all levels we know: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Swedish Massage

With this type of massage you want to eliminate all types of tension while reaffirming muscles and joints. Improve blood and lymphatic circulation, eliminates toxins from our body and mind favors, favoring balance and harmony.

Lymphatic Drainage

Gentle, slow, repetitive hand movements are used to improve lymph circulation, which in turn contributes to reducing inflammation and retention of organic fluids located in different parts of the body. It also has very positive effects on our immune system by being closely connected.


This technique is based on the existence of reflex points in the body, which in turn are related to the organs and glands of the body. By means of the pressure of these points located throughout our body, we will provoke a reflex response in the corresponding organs.

This technique reduces pain and tension in our body, improves blood circulation and improves our nervous system.

Wood Therapy

It consists of providing a massage using wooden utensils. It aims to stimulate and balance energy, relieve muscle and joint pain and reduce stress. It also reduces localized fat and combats cellulite.

Hot Stones

It is a mixture between the traditional massage and the application on the skin of stones that are at different temperatures. In this way it contributes to improving blood circulation, alleviating physical disorders and the flow of vital energy.

Coffee Therapy

As its name indicates, the coffee bean is applied to the skin and due to its mineral and vitaminic properties it helps to stimulate lipid metabolism.


It consists of applying bamboo canes on the body area requested by the patient. Thanks to the friction of the bamboo with the skin, neuronal, circulatory, nervous and muscular actions are triggered. This type of therapy contributes to spiritual, physical and mental peace and harmony.


It is a technique that refers to the use of color vibrations. Each color has a different purpose that is related to a type of treatment. Thus, for example, red stimulates blood circulation, blue being a refreshing color provides peace and tranquility or green helps combat insomnia.