Aromatherapy, a personal experience

With Google, you can find a lot of articles about aromatherapy and essential oils, complete, well-rounded, truthful, and surely worth reading.

But we wanted to give it a personal approach, and asked our aromatherapy enthusiast colleague Rosana to write a blog post on essential oils for Cremitasverdes. She tells us how she incorporates them into her life and what uses she gives them. An entertaining entry, from you to you.

This is what he tells us;

If they told me a few years ago that I couldn’t live without essential oils, I wouldn’t have believed it. I was always interested in aromatherapy, since I was very young I read about the properties of each oil.

I remember, as a young girl, spending my parents’ first payments to buy some aromatherapy book. But the truth is that beyond the knowledge, rather basic that I was acquiring, I only used them to aromatize the house.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to acquire different essential oils, I have tried them, and I have also felt them. Because essential oils must be felt!

Yes, not everything is reading and study. Nothing like smelling an essential oil and waiting. Waiting for the reaction of our body and our emotions.

If we pay attention to that, if we listen to our body, we will surely get more information than reading all the published books on aromatherapy.

This personal and sensory experimentation, along with the little or much information that has come to me, has made me integrate them into my daily life in such a way that I would be unable to do without them.

Don’t read, just listen to your body

If there is one thing that catches my attention and fascinates me, it’s like the body, the mind, or I don’t know what part of your being, asks you for exactly the oil or essential oils you need.

I confess I can’t take a shower in summer without adding a few drops of lemon or bergamot essential oil together with a few drops of rosemary essential oil to the gel. I don’t understand a shower without that! The freshness, the feeling of cleanliness, lightness and energy that they bring you, creates almost an addiction.

At first I only used the essential oils of the smells I knew and that I liked best, jasmine, orange blossom, rather floral. But when you open up to the world of aromas, the world of aromas opens up for you.

It is curious to see how for a season you cannot go without, for example, the essential oil of lemon balm, and at other times you abhor its smell. Our body knows exactly what it needs at any given moment. And if you listen to him, he won’t hesitate to ask you what he needs. And believe me… He cries out for it! Like when we are very thirsty, and urgently need water (or a beer).

Who needs air fresheners?

I think we will all agree that smells transport us to other places, bring us memories, or lead us directly to think of a person.

And knowing this… Why not make our home a magical place? Nothing like turning the key, entering the house, and feeling enveloped by that special atmosphere that you yourself have created. Essential oils are magical and are able to change the energy of a house completely.

It is super fun and interesting to search through essential oils, an aroma that makes us feel good, citrus, balsamic, woody, floral, camphorated … The possibilities are endless! Great sensations enclosed in tiny bottles.

It changes so much the “being” of a room when it is scented with essential oils… Speaking colloquially and without entering into energy issues, essential oils give “good vibes” to houses.

The physical and purifying properties of essential oils should not be overlooked, they clean the environment, have anti-dustmite, bactericidal and purifying properties.

Bye Bye supermarket air fresheners

Yes, I confess. Years ago I used to buy super air fresheners. Now, as soon as my brain neurotransmitters detect them when I enter a public bathroom, a hotel, or someone’s house, they repeat the same message to me again and again: “artificial smell – artificial smell” And the air makes me unbreathable. Not to mention all the toxins they contain.

I have also experienced the same process with perfumes. As almost everyone was unconditional of a couple of perfumes. But by the same rule of three, the same thing happened to me as with air fresheners; one day, after a few weeks without using perfume, I put it on… and I didn’t like it. But it was my favourite perfume for years!

That day I felt the need to mix, experiment and feel different combinations of essential oils, in search of my own perfume.

When I exchanged bleach for thyme

My love affair with essential oils is not only about the delight of the senses. They are also perfectly integrated in the cleaning of my home. Are there bacteria or germ that can resist the essential oil of thyme or the essential oil of green tea? I would say not.

That’s why I use essential oils to clean the kitchen bench, the bathroom, and pour a few drops into the wash water.
Of course, I also use them to take care of my skin, I add a few drops to my shampoo, and also to that of my dogs. I enrich my clay masks with them and they are also present in my relaxing baths.